Our clinical pilates classes are developed and modified in accordance with current research. Pilates aims to stabilise and control the smaller, deeper muscles of the pelvis, back and shoulders. By doing this we are correcting the brain patterns for muscle activity, therefore ensuring our muscles don’t fatigue quickly. Less muscle fatigue means greater postural control.

Our classes focus on effective breathing and controlled movement in order to limit the stress on the body. Pilates helps individuals to lengthen and tone their muscles whilst limiting the risk of injury by ensuring efficiency of movement. Our modern, fully equipped pilates studio provides opportunity for a challenging and varied Pilates session every time.

At take2health we offer a range of Pilates classes including: Individual, 1:3 rehab, Bumps (pregnancy) and Mums & Bubs Pilates classes, contact us to make a booking or book a class online now!

Individual Pilates Session

Individual rehabilitation sessions for those that require the attention of the instructor for the full 1hour session. This form of Pilates is best suited for those with complex musculoskeletal problems or those who are unable to attend a regular class setting. They are also useful for client’s just starting out in Pilates.

An individual session is required prior to commencing in our 1:3 Rehab pilates class or our 1:3 Bumps class. Your first individual session includes a thorough physical assessment and history, as well as an introduction to the fundamentals of Pilates and the equipment in our pilates studio.


1:3 Rehab Pilates

Run by an Osteopath with further qualifications in rehabilitation Pilates. A maximum of 3 participants allows us to tailor each exercise and class specifically for you. Your instructor will work one on one with you throughout the session to guide and closely monitor your progress and exercises. The individualised nature of these classes makes them suitable for those with or without injury. Many of our clients attend sessions as a method of cross training and improving their core muscles and stability for their other fitness pursuits.

Before commencing in a 1:3 class you must first have an individual pilates session which will allow the Osteopath to take a full case history, establish your goals for pilates, as well as introduce you to the equipment whilst teaching you the fundamentals of pilates.


Pilates Timetable

Individual Pilates sessions may be booked at any time with an available Osteopath. New classes are often added to accommodate client demand, please contact the clinic and ask to be placed on the wait list if current class times are not suitable for you.

1:3 Rehab Pilates:

Tuesday: 6:30pm


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring for a Pilates class?

You will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing such as tracksuit pants. We don’t allow shoes in class, so you will need to wear socks also. Pilates grip socks are helpful but not essential. The clinic has filtered water available, however you may like to bring your own water bottle.

How long is a session?

Your initial assessment will take 45minutes. All 1:3 classes run for 1hour duration. Individual sessions may be 30 or 45 minutes depending on your requirements. Mums and bubs sessions run for 50 minutes.

How often should I do Pilates?

Any time you do Pilates you will benefit. To maximize the benefit, we recommend you do 1 or 2 classes per week, combined with your own home practice. If, for whatever reason you are only able to attend fortnightly classes, your instructor will advise you how to continue your practice at home between classes.

Can I claim classes on my private health?

If your private health offers rebate for Osteopathic treatment, you will be able to claim a private pilates session. Unfortunately group pilates classes are not claimable under private health insurance.

Cancellation policy

We understand that life is busy, and situations sometimes arise. As with all services at take2health, we ask that you please give a minimum of 24hours notice to cancel or reschedule your Pilates class. Less than 24 hours notice will result in a cancellation fee being charged.


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