Benefits of Pilates

Originally created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, Pilates has become a popular form of exercise today, and is practiced worldwide. What is so good about Pilates? Here are some of the many benefits: Stress Reliever Pilates requires concentration on correct movement and proper breathing. Focusing on controlled movement and breathing helps you to relax. … Continue reading Benefits of Pilates

Desk Ergonomics

Do you work at a desk? Is your desk setup personalised for you? What about your home workspace? Making a few simple changes to your desk and chair setup at home and work will help to keep your neck, back and shoulders pain free. Here are a few desk ergonomic tips to support your back … Continue reading Desk Ergonomics

Postural Strain

Do you ever experience tightness or pain in your neck, back and/or shoulders whenever you’re trying to focus at work, or on long drives? Don’t you wish that you could stop this discomfort? Well, it’s possible! This post will give you a better understanding of postural strains. We will also explore the possible causes of … Continue reading Postural Strain