Children are always welcome at take2health. The clinic offers a range of facilities and services for all children, from newborn babies to teenagers. From Osteopathy to Mums & Bubs Pilates and Infant Massage, we have a variety of treatments that can support and assist the health and well being of your child.

If you are attending the clinic for your own appointment and are unable to find a baby sitter, please don’t cancel your appointment, just bring the kids along! We have a wide variety of toys, books and puzzles, not to mention dedicated “kids zones” in the treatment room to keep them well amused. Our therapists are trained to cater to the needs of children, so rest assured, we will always be happy for your child to attend the treatment too!

Children’s Services & Treatments

Paediatric Osteopathy

Osteopathic treatment isn’t just for adults and athletes… It is for everyone. Osteopathy provides a competent, caring and gentle approach to the treatment of children. This treatment style makes it suitable for children of any age, including newborn infants. There are a number of causes of structural changes in children. Such factors include difficulties during the pregnancy or birth, childhood accidents and falls, infection as well as genetic disorders.

Problems that affect our body’s structure can affect the way our body will function and move. Children are no exception. This is where osteopathy may be able to help.

Common reasons for Osteopathic consultations are:


  • Neck related strains associated with plagiocephaly.
  • A baby that favours one side of their head
  • Lip and tongue tie
  • Problems with breastfeeding attachment


  • Postural problems such as scoliosis.
  • Musculoskeletal symptoms often associated with growing pains
  • Altered leg/ foot rotation when walking (e.g in-toeing)

Please call the clinic to discuss how Osteopathy may help with your baby or child.

Prior to any treatment, a thorough case history and complete examination of the child is undertaken. This ensures that Osteopathic treatment is the appropriate course of action for the child and that there is no need for referral.

Gentle palpatory techniques are used to identify areas of the body where the child’s structure may have been disturbed. Osteopathy recognises a child’s natural ability to heal. Your Osteopath may be able to assist, accelerate and guide this natural healing process. At take2health we will always keep you, the parent or care giver, informed as to the treatment being undertaken and ways in which, you too, can help the child’s healing process.

We strongly recommend a newborn wellness check and treatment for your infant prior to 6 weeks of age. This initial treatment is complimentary for the infants of women who have sought treatment at take2health during their pregnancy. All initial consultations are for 45minutes, which allows lots of time for a thorough check of bub and for mum or dad to ask any questions they may have.

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is a form of Osteopathic treatment often used for babies and children alike. This recognises the subtle movements and restrictions that can occur in an infant’s skull (often due to birth trauma or their position in utero) and works to gently to correct these imbalances. An Osteopath’s training helps them to recognise very small changes to the skull and body of an infant. Mechanical problems are commonly found in the areas of the upper rib cage and neck, as well as spine and hips. Often with this form of treatment the baby feels very little, except a warm relaxing feeling. Osteopaths at take2health tend to treat using a broad mix of structural and cranial Osteopathic techniques.


Mums & Bubs Pilates Classes

If you’re looking for a fun and gentle way to incorporate exercise into your busy schedule as a mum, whilst having quality bonding time with your bub... then take2health’s Mums and Bubs Pilates class is for you!

These classes are a great way for your body to recover after having your baby. The pelvic floor, shoulders, and core muscles all play an important role for mums, both pre and post childbirth. The main focus of the class is to rehabilitate these areas of the body in a fun and relaxed environment.

An Osteopath, with further qualifications in rehabilitation Pilates and Infant Massage run these classes. Your baby may also benefit with plenty of tummy time and you learning the skills of infant massage. 

These classes are suitable for all fitness levels, there is no pressure to participate and it is a great way to slowly introduce your body back into exercise! Classes are suitable for infants newborn to crawling age (or slightly older if you don’t mind a bit more exercise!).


Infant Massage Classes

Infant massage is a wonderful tool for all parents to learn. Infant massage may assist an infant to relax and improve sleep, reduce colic and reflux, decrease constipation, improve alertness, provide opportunity for quality bonding time with parents among numerous other benefits.

At take2health we run group infant massage classes, for small groups of parents and babies. We encourage both mum and dad to attend the session, if they would like to. You will be guided and taught by our Osteopath, who has further training and qualifications in infant massage.

We also have appointments available to enable you to learn infant massage in an individual setting. Simply contact us for more information and session availability. Our mums and bubs pilates classes includes infant massage instruction, which is a great way to combine exercise whilst learning a new skill at the same time.


Child Friendly Facilities

  • Breastfeeding is welcomed and supported at take2health
  • We are able to heat bottles for you, if required.
  • Change table facilities
  • Play area in waiting room including, books, toys and colouring.
  • Treatment rooms have children’s music available
  • Toys, games and books in all treatment rooms.

Kids Zones

Whilst all of our treatment rooms have toys, books and games, two of our treatment rooms have a “Kids Zone”. These are a designated play area within the treatment room.

In one treatment room we have a full market stand, complete with cash register, scales, eftpos machine and an array of fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk. We even have a shopping trolley for the little ones to have the complete shopping experience!

Our other kids zone is cooking heaven! We have everything the budding chef would want to immerse them self in, whilst mum or dad is having a treatment. This room has a kitchen with oven, cook top and sink, all the cooking utensils and pots and pans! It is complete with a selection of foods, to chop and cook with, and then a little table and chairs to serve the food or have a tea party!

Both Kids Zones rooms also have toys and books for the children wanting a different experience. There really is something for everyone. Your kids will love hanging out at take2health!